Job Description Youth Ministries Craft Buyer and Event Helper


VOLUNTEER POSITION DESCRIPTION – Youth Ministry Craft Buyers and Special Event Helpers


POSITION:    Youth Ministry Craft Buyers and Special Event Helpers


PURPOSE: To help teachers maintain a vibrant and fun program by buying craft and special event supplies ahead of time.  The Family Services Director will provide lists of what to buy. The church has a small budget and can reimburse expenses as necessary.


SCHEDULE:    Shop every 2-3 months after given a list. The family services director will look ahead 3 months in curriculum so that teachers always have the special supplies they need for projects. 

Help with special events such as the Christmas pageant, youth social events, and summer camp.



REPORTS TO:  Family Services Director





1.       Shop every few months, usually for art-type supplies, and gather small quantities of household items, as directed. Bring items to church. Family services director will organize supplies for teachers.

2.       Help with special events-typical needs are in snacks, costume fitting and arranging, set design, crowd management, play direction, script management, baby-sitting, phone calls, social event planning, hosting, or guiding and more.



SPECIAL SKILLS OR EXPERIENCE REQUIRED:   All talents are welcome-and no particular talent is needed to help with most of these events.


COMMENTS:   none


COMPLETED BY:  Patricia Haller                                                 DATE:   11/18/21